Energy-saving wood drying kilns

Ecological and low consumption wood drying kilns

Waste elimination

BASCHILD wood drying kilns eliminate unnecessary waste by optimizing the main variables of the drying cycle.

Reduction of consumption

The BASCHILD drying kilns are equipped with technologies, that significantly reduce the fuel used and the electricity absorbed.

Respect for the environment

Comparing to traditional dryers, the BASCHILD drying kilns significantly reduce the environmental impact.

Energy saving technologies


Born from the experience of BASCHILD technicians, the integrated system for heat recovery (HRS) ensures a fuel reduction up to 6%.

Thanks to the latest high-performance technology HRS Dual is possible to obtain a 15% saving.


BASCHILD ZOOM has got the innovative NET CYCLE function.

NET CYCLE optimizes the drying cycle to delete the unnecessary ventilation steps.

This function maintains unchanged the drying kiln performances, but reduces the electricity absorption. 

ZOOM is available for all BASCHILD kilns.


Inverters manage the speed of the fans, according to the wood moisture.

OPT-AIR ensures the optimal air speed in relation to the timber conditions.

Drying kilns use only the energy needed, avoiding unnecessary waste.

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