Quality drying

High performances drying kilns

Homogeneous wood drying

BASCHILD kilns dry homogeneously to ensure the same quality for all timber stacks.

Optimum ventilation

BASCHILD kilns optimize airflows to improve the ventilation, determining variable for a high quality wood drying.

Reliable measurement

BASCHILD kilns are equipped with technologies, that accurately measure the variables influencing the wood drying cycle.

Technologies to improve the wood drying quality


EQUA-TEMP homogenizes the temperature inside the timber drying kiln.

Thanks to this system all the stacks in the dryer are uniformly dryed.


The system of lateral blendes LAVO optimizes the air flow in the lateral areas of the dryer.

LAVO occludes the paths between wood and lateral walls, to force the air through the timber.


The intermediate blendes SAVO optimize the air flow in the upper part of the dryer.

SAVO occludes the air passages between wood and false-ceiling, along the false-ceiling itself, in order to improve the standard flaps efficiency and offer the possibility to partially load the kiln along its depth.


TURBO-VENT accelerates the speed of the air, when the latter enters the wood. 

The TURBO-VENT technology reduces the friction on the drying kiln structure and allows a better penetration of the wood loaded, specially in the lower part.


UGL MOBILE remotes the sampling of the air relative moisture (%UGL) close to the timber stacks, exactly where the air penetrates.

This technology is used to obtain a more reliable value measure in comparison with the sampling along the kiln walls and a more precise control during the drying process. 

The UGL MOBILE detection system can rely on special wooden sensors, that avoid wrong sampling. In fact they don’t suffer from the accidental water storage on their own surface.

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